Yelp @ Bowers Museum - Mummies Exhibit

Occasionally I get asked to shoot/document local Orange County Yelp events, which I absolutely love because A. FOOD, B. FOOD and C. FOOD. Ok fine, the people are pretty fun too. Tonight the elites were welcomed to Bowers Museum in Santa Ana for the Mummies exhibit. Commence geek out. Mummies are fascinating and if you get the chance, you should check out the exhibit as well. Photos below:


I'm so witty... >_>

no caption needed - Chunk N Chip

no caption needed - Chunk N Chip


My food model for the night

Citizen Kitchen Hotel Fullerton - Pork Sliders

Elites and their DonerG Lamb dish

oh, and booze.

Incredible Mummies from various parts of the world and time periods (newest being 1994)