Photo: Paul Rivera

Photo: Paul Rivera

Self Portrait 2018

Self Portrait 2018


Meg Elise Strouse

I am a young creative professional looking to make my mark and leave a positive impact on my colleagues. A perfectionist by nature, my attention to detail is extreme and my strive for success just as strong. I am looking to indulge in various creative projects, for they are what fuel my passion for life. Photography is my number one creative passion, but I am always looking to learn new skills and ways to express myself in videography, graphic design, marketing, dance etc...

Being able to capture a moment in time that will last forever seems almost powerful and making this statement through the use of light and film is something that really fascinates me. To be responsible for the emotions that emerge from reliving memories brought to life through photographs is truly invigorating. To think, that my client's potential grandchildren will be able to look at photographs that I have taken and get a glimpse into the past as well as their own family history is completely astonishing. 

Being from a fine art background, I like to photograph images that convey some sort of meaning or stir up some sort of discussion. I love shooting portraits, and if whomever I am photographing allows me to use my creative ideas on them, it's most enjoyable. "One for thee and one for me." - Joyce Wilson, a philosophy that I have also adopted. I really enjoy "candid" photography, I believe that it can capture certain emotions and moments that "posed" photography could never re-create. However, posed and portrait photography are valuable in their own right, every art form requires a foundation. Even the most basic functional photography is essential to a successful career. 

I believe that we, as people, never stop the learning experience and there is always room for improvement; I am a work in progress, if you will. 

Photography is not a hobby, it is my life.

I earned my BFA from Indiana University Purdue University Fort Wayne in May of 2009. Upon graduation, I packed up my dreams and moved to Los Angeles, CA. I have been living in Southern California for the past 10 years doing freelance work, professional content marketing management, and teaching yoga. 

Currently located in Long Beach, CA

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